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Vertical Pour was created by people who love wine! Our team is excited to help build your company’s brand. We enjoy working with our business partners and client wineries to bring people together… one enjoyable glass or memorable bottle at a time.

Vertical Pour is named after a wine industry term that means to sample a wine in a series of vintage years. It is a way to experience how unique every year can be and enhance your understanding of the many factors in a single vintage wine.  We have created a company that is based on those same principles.  After more than 17 years in the business, our creative design team believes that form follows function, Vertical Pour was built by a carefully crafted and skilled team.

At Vertical Pour we invite you to “Elevate Your Wine”.  We are a creative team, based in Southern California, that draws our inspirations from two things; Passion for great-tasting wine and our love of the ocean. It is that simple recipe that drives us to conceptualize and create designs that speak volumes.

Vertical Pour was created and is operated by people who love wine!  Our talented management team has traveled and tasted countless wines from many regions in California and beyond.  We want to provide you with more access to the wine industry and help you on your unique journey too.

Winery / Vintner: Vertical Pour

Vintage: 2018 RESERVE “BIG RED”

Score: 94 Points

Judge / Scorer: By Robert J. Prata (RJP), California Wine Connoisseur

Tasting Notes: It has a solid balance on the palate with a nice, quiet, tannic grip that is focused and lasting. The fruit core is rich with the aromas of sweet jams, hints of vanilla, cedar and black tea. This wine has the firm body and fine tannin structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and blends with the mouth-filling richness and a softer touch of Merlot.

Vintage Notes: CA Red Wine Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (ALC. 13.8%)

“This wine is amazing!  It has a solid balance on the palate with a nice, quiet, tannic grip. The fruit core is rich, focused and lasting. We offered several other wines at our party and actually ran out of the “Big Red”.  Everyone is in agreement, the “Big Red” is the winner.  It’s completely enjoyable and a great value too.”

-Fred Lovelle on the Vertical Pour 2018 Reserve “Big Red”

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